Hereditary Hearing Loss Homepage Updates Log

Added OMIM locus identifier DFNB124 for PKHD1L1.

Added CEP250 to ARNSHL genes (Kang et al., 2023).

Added PKHD1L1 to ARNSHL genes (Redfield et al., 2024).

Corrected the reference for USH1J to Riazuddin et al., 2012.

Added STX4 (DFNB123) to ARNSHL genes (Schrauwen et al., 2023).

Corrected references for ADNSHL gene NCOA3 to Salazar-Silva et al., 2021.

  • Moved "Auditory Neuropathy" page to "Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss" section.
  • Added "Auditory neuropathy associated genes" count to front page.
  • Updated "Total nonsyndromic hearing loss associated genes" count to include auditory neuropathy genes.

  • Added mitochondrial nonsyndromic hearing loss page with the following 9 genes:
    • MT-CO1
    • MT-ND1
    • MT-RNR1
    • MT-TH
    • MT-TI
    • MT-TL1
    • MT-TK
    • MT-TS1
    • MT-TS2
  • Added otosclerosis page with the following genes:
    • FOXL1 (OTSC11)
    • SERPINF1 (unassigned) - disputed
    • MEPE (unassigned)
    • SMARCA4 (unassigned)

Added ARNSHL gene TMTC4 (Li et al., 2023).